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Hoover Reservoir Park

Hoover Reservoir Park Image

7701 Sunbury Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081
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Hoover Reservoir Park offers over 4,700 acres of peaceful and serene landscape just North of Columbus. The park and lake provide guests with a range of recreational activities from picnicking, hiking, boating and fishing. For the bird watching enthusiasts, the park offers a wide variety of bird types ranging from common to rare. This includes frequent sites of the American Bald Eagle throughout the year. The reservoir is an important feature for tourism, but also for the water it provides to the city of Columbus. 

Park Features

  • Hoover Disc Golf Course  (27 Hole Course)
  • Hoover Meadows Bluebird Trail (Bird Sanctuary)
  • Hoover Nature Preserve (Access to Reservoir)
  • Hoover Mudflats and Boardwalk (Bird Watching Walkway)
  • Hoover Yacht Club
  • Apple Orchard Recreation Area
  • Baldridge Boat Ramp (Concrete Boat Ramp & Parking)
  • Buckeye Boat Club
  • Columbus Sailing Club
  • Cubbage Parkland (Disc Golf Course Location)
  • East Shore Yacht Club
  • Mud Hen Marsh (Wetlands)
  • Oxbow Area (Causeway to Island Boat Launch)
  • Red Bank Marina (Boat Launch and Docks)
  • Twin Bridge Recreation Area
  • Walnut Bluffs Area (Old Campground Location)