Code Enforcement Division  
757 Carolyn Ave.  
Columbus, OH 43224-3218  
(614) 645.2202 
(614) 645.2462 [FAX] 

Office of the Director 
50 West Gay Street 
Columbus, OH 43215-9040 
(614) 645.7795 
(614) 645.6295 [FAX]

Economic Development Division 
150 South Front Street
Suite 220 
Columbus, OH 43215-4418 
(614) 645.8616 
(614) 645.2486 [FAX] 

Housing Division 
50 West Gay Street 
Columbus, OH 43215-9040 
(614) 645.7795 
(614) 645.6675 [FAX] 

Land Redevelopment Office 
50 West Gay Street 
Columbus, OH 43215-9030 
(614) 645.5263 
(614) 645.3092 [FAX]

Neighborhood Pride!
757 Carolyn Avenue
Columbus, OH 43224
(614) 645.0837
(614) 645.2462 [FAX]

Neighborhood Services   
50 West Gay Street   
Columbus, OH 43215-9040   
(614) 645.7795   
(614) 645.6295 [FAX]  

Planning Division  
50 West Gay Street  
Columbus, OH 43215-9030  
(614) 645.8664  
(614) 645.1483 [FAX]


Code Enforcement Our Mission:  To improve the quality of life in Columbus neighborhoods through implementation and enforcement of the City's Housing, Zoning, Graphics, Health, Sanitation, and Safety Codes

- learn more


Director's Office The Department of Development is responsible for housing, code enforcement, economic development, land redevelopment, neighborhood services and planning. - learn more


Economic Development The Economic Development Division assists local businesses and provides information to companies looking to expand or relocated to Columbus. - learn more


Housing The Housing Division serves Columbus by preserving and producing housing that helps build strong, distinct and vibrant neighborhoods. The Housing Division offers programs to assist homeowners, housing developers and rental property owners. - learn more


Land Redevelopment The Columbus Land Bank was established in 1994 to improve Columbus neighborhoods by returning vacant, abandoned and underutilized residential and commercial properties into productive community assets.  - learn more


Neighborhood Services Neighborhood Services provides direct services, technical assistance and interaction with individuals, neighborhood and civic organizations, and other related neighborhood groups - learn more


Planning The Planning Division is responsible for neighborhood planning, commercial overlays, board and commission (Downtown, University District and East Franklinton), historic preservation, annexation and public art.  - learn more