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Smoke Free Housing LogoSmoke-Free Housing in Columbus and Franklin County

Smoke-free apartments are cost effective for landlords and help tenants enjoy healthier living. Every year, more landlords across the country are deciding to offer smoke-free housing.

Why Smoke-Free Housing?

  • It protects residents from secondhand smoke.
  • Tenants want smoke-free homes.
  • Secondhand smoke cannot be controlled .
  • Air quality studies show that 5% to 60% of the air in apartment units comes from other units in the building.
  • Being exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) is bad for your health.

Let Your Voice Be Heard On Smoke-Free Leases

Landlord/Property Manager Survey:  If you are a landlord or property manager, take our quick survey about smoke-free leases.

Property Management Executive Survey: If you are a property management executive, please provide your feedback about smoke-free leases.

It’s legal! A smoke-free policy is NOT discriminatory.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act protects non-smokers with serious breathing disabilities or smoke allergies. It is legal for apartment owners to adopt smoke-free policies and it makes good business sense, according to the National Multi-Housing Council.

Help for Property Managers

Columbus Public Health provides the following to public and private property managers: 

  • Consultations and presentations
  • Sample survey for residents
  • Sample survey for landlords
  • Model smoke-free lease addendum to incorporate into your current lease
  • Resources to help residents quit smoking
  • Advertising that includes a listing on the Columbus Smoke Free Apartments online directory (coming soon!)
  • Sample announcement letters to send to renters
  • Guidelines for resident meetings and celebrations 
  • Strategies for advertising your smoke-free building

To post your property on the Columbus Smoke Free Apartments online directory -- Coming soon!


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