Safe Roads, Homes & Schools

Chemical and Physical Hazards

Responds to concerns of infectious waste, hazardous waste, and other environmental concerns, includes programs on infectious waste, household hazardous waste, and problem noise from industrial sites.

Childhood Injury Prevention
Prevent injuries from birth to 18, provides access to car safety seats, bike helmets, and home inspections for childcare.

Healthy Homes
Works with residents to prevent household dangers, like lead and asthma triggers.

Healthy Schools
Protects school children and staff by identifying and eliminating health and safety hazards.

Lead Poisoning Prevention
Free lead testing for children 6 months to 6 years of age and more.

Operation Red Box
Project to safely dispose of used needles and lancets so that people in the community are protected from them, especially neighborhood children.

Safe Communities 
Works in the area of traffic safety, like safety belt use, drinking and driving, safe walking and teen driving.

Safe Routes to School 
Safe Routes to School Columbus works to make walking and biking to school a safer, easier and more fun option for Columbus elementary and middle school students.