Department Mission: To enhance the quality of life, now and into the future, for people living, working and raising families in central Ohio through the economic, efficient, and environmentally responsible stewardship of superior public utilities.


Holiday Reminder Do Not Pour Cooking Oils & Grease Down the Drain after Preparing Holiday Meals. Fats, oils & grease (FOG) can clog sewers, resulting in basement backups & costly repairs. Learn how to properly dispose of grease or reuse it.  - learn more

Columbus Commits to Environmental Management Systems; Utilities Receives ISO Certification

Columbus Commits to Environmental Management Systems; Utilities Receives ISO Certification As part of his commitment to make Columbus a cleaner, greener city, Mayor Michael B. Coleman has committed to adopting a city-wide environmental Management System (EMS). Public Utilities just received ISO certification for its EMS - the first public utility in Ohio to receive such. - learn more

Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert If someone identifies themselves as a city employee attempting to collect utility bill payment, please call us at 645-8276 to verify information. Our employees DO NOT collect bill payment in the field or over the phone; they wear a photo ID badge, a city-issued uniform. - learn more

Water Main Breaks

Water Main Breaks Please report suspected water main breaks to 311 or 645 3111 immediately (weekdays 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.) or to 645-7788 after hours and weekends. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about water main breaks. - learn more

Musty Taste & Odor

Musty Taste & Odor Occasionally Columbus water has an earthy, musty or fishy taste and odor, which may be objectionable, but poses no health concern. - learn more

Winter Topics

Winter Topics Learn about: cold weather energy savings (and how to get a rebate for a programmable thermostat), what to do if your pipes freeze (& how to prevent it), water main breaks, sledding & outdoor activities, mulching your garden for winter with Com-Til (while we still have temperate weather), keeping storm drains clear & more. - learn more

Be Informed about Utility Line Warranty Plans Utility customers may periodically receive solicitations for private property water, sewer and electrical insurance plans. The city has no partnership or affiliation with any of these companies and therefore takes no position on them. Like anything else, buyer beware and be sure to read the fine print. - learn more

2013 Columbus Drinking Water Report Now Available

2013 Columbus Drinking Water Report Now Available The annual "Water for Living" Drinking Water Quality report will begin appearing in customer mailboxes this week. The report shows that the water pumped to the 1.1 million customers again meets or exceeds all minimum requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and all other state and federal health standards.  - learn more

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities If you are interested in protecting our natural resources, get involved in our public education programs. You, your community or school group can participate in stream-bank litter cleanups, invasive plant removal & many other activities that promote awareness & appreciation of our natural waterways. - learn more