Tuberculosis Control

Tuberculosis Control

Clinic visits by appointment.

Office Hours
8:00 am –   2:15 pm
10:00 am – 6:15 pm  
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8:00 am – 4:15 pm
Thu, Fri        
Interpretation available.

(614) 645-2199


Program Information


Who Program is For

  • Franklin County Residents, only;
  • Residents who have Active TB and their close contacts;
  • Division of Quarantine Immigrant and Refugee Arrivals with a
    TB Status of Class A, Class B1, or Class B2
    (with associated paperwork).     

Our program does not  provide TB screening except for close contacts of individuals with active TB, and Class A, Class B1, or Class B2 Division of Quarantine arrivals.

If a TB screening is needed, and you do not have a primary healthcare provider, please visit these locations
(click for more information): 

Medication Appointments 

Close contacts and others found infected with  Latent TB Infection
may be given medication to treat this condition.

Direct Observation Therapy (DOT)

DOT staff provides:

  • Medications and other direct care services to Active TB patients;
  • Outreach services to families and close contacts of Active TB patients
    by checking them for disease and exposure;
  • Medications, if needed. 


Our staff serve as a primary TB resource and guidance for TB surveillance, reporting requirements, infection control practices and treatment guidelines for Franklin County.

Additional Information

  • Interpretation available.
  • Chest x-ray results will not be mailed.
  • Please keep your doctor's appointment to review test results.