Health Resources Lists

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Health, Dental, Vision, and Prescriptions

The following are lists of agencies providing services for health, dental, vision care, and  prescription drug assistance. 

Lists in English:

    Combined List   (Health, Vision, and Dental)
    Dental Care

    Assistance for Prescription Drugs

      Lists in Spanish:

      Lista Combinada Salud Dental Visión
      Ayuda para los Costos de las Prescripciones

        Lists in Somali:

        Isku-Geeyn Liiske
        Daryel Caafionaad
        Daryeelka Ilkaha
        Daryeelka Aragtida
        Caawin Qiimaha Dawada La qoro



        Resources for Pregnant Women

        The following are links to services for pregnant women, families and children:

        Why You Need A Doctor

        Its time to make your appointment and get active with your health care.

        Finding a Family Doctor When You Have Health Insurance

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