Safe Holiday Toy Shopping

Healthier & child holding presentSafer Holiday Toy Shopping

Think about toys that help kids stay active and safe tips while you buy.

Top Five Active Toy Tips

This year, think of active toys, games, and sports equipment that motivate them to move.

  1. Snow toys they can use to shovel, make a snowman, or build with snow blocks.
  2. Video games that get them moving, like dancing games for different ages.
  3. Bikes, scooters, or skates with the right safety gear.
  4. Board games that make you move, act things out, hide and seek or other physical play.
  5. Yoga for kids can be easy with a set of kids yoga cards or a video.  

Top Five Safety Tips

Learn how to shop safe this holiday season.

  1. Think about the child's age, interest and skill level. A fun, but inappropriate toy for a particular child can be dangerous.
    See safety basics by age.
  2. Keep toys with small parts away from children under age 3. They can choke on small toys and toy parts. More about choking prevention.
  3. Second hand shopping - Check to make sure kids' products and toys are safe and haven't been recalled.  See Toy Safety Recalls 
  4. Helmets are essential for all wheeled gifts (bikes, scooters, etc.).
  5. Check safety information on the toy on consumer safety sites such as or

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