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Mumps Community Outbreak – Update

The community mumps outbreak has been resolved with less than one case per week sustained over seven consecutive weeks (Aug. 3-Sept. 20, 2014). During this time, only three cases of mumps with onset of illness were reported.  The most recent central Ohio mumps case was reported on September 2.

In all, 484 mumps cases were reported in the central Ohio outbreak – exceeding the total number of cases (438) reported in the United States during 2013. The number of mumps cases in central Ohio also represented the highest incidence in Columbus, Delaware, Franklin, and Madison counties combined since 1979 when 930 cases were reported.

Mumps Outbreak Summary of Cases - Final Case Numbers: October 1, 2014

Preventing Mumps and Future Outbreaks

Two doses of MMR are needed for protection.  Anyone who has not received any doses of MMR and those who have received only one dose of MMR should be vaccinated as soon as possible. Additionally, people born before 1987 are likely to have received just one or no MMR doses and should also be vaccinated.

People whose parents/guardians objected to vaccinations are also at risk if they did not receive the MMR vaccine. To get a copy of your vaccination record, check with your healthcare provider.

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