Olentangy West Area Plan


This is the first area plan to be prepared for the Olentangy West Area, located on the city’s northwest side. The Olentangy West Planning Area is bound by the city of Upper Arlington on the west, Henderson Road on the north, the Olentangy River on the east and Kinnear Road and Chambers Road on the south. The area covers 3,259 acres (5 square miles). It includes Riverside Hospital and Ohio State’s west campus.

An area plan provides policy guidance relative to land use, urban design, and development guidelines. It is based on a participatory planning process using consensus-based techniques and technical analysis. The plan will be reviewed by the Development Commission and adopted by City Council as formal city policy for this particular planning area.

This web page provides a variety of background material as the plan is developed. You can participate by attending Public Workshops or by submitting your ideas and comments to the plan website.

Columbus City Council voted to adopt the Olentangy West Area Plan at their meeting on Monday, September 23, 2013.  Congratulations to all the stakeholders who worked hard to put this plan together! 

To view a copy of the adopted plan, click this link: Olentangy West Area Plan (screen).pdf

On August 8, 2013 the Columbus Development Commission voted unanimously to approve the Olentangy West Area Plan. The Area Plan will now move on to be heard before City Council - date to be announced.  View the Development Commission Staff Presentation (pdf format).

An Open House was held on April 29, 2013 at Ecole Kenwood School.  Planning Staff was on hand to answer questions on proposed recommendations for:
• Urban Design Concepts and Guidelines
• Future Land Use Plan Recommendations
• Transportation Improvements

View: Open House Public Input.

See "Documents" to the right for more information about the event.

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