Where to get Flu Vaccine

Where To Get Flu Vaccine

Vaccination with nurse

Flu vaccines are offered in many locations including doctor’s offices, clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and college health centers, as well as many employers and some schools.

Local Flu Vaccine Sites for Adults

Local Flu Vaccine Sites for Children


Prevent getting and spreading the flu…wash your hands, cover your cough, stay home when sick, and get your flu shot every year!

Seasonal Flu Resources

Seasonal Flu Home

Preventing The Flu:
 •  Where To Get
 •  Handwashing
 •  Materials 

Info for Specific Groups:
 •  ­Educators & Schools
 •  Worksites
 •  Child Care Providers
 •  Pregnant Women
 •  Parents
 •  People at High Risk
 •  Healthcare Workers 

If You Get The Flu:
 •  Symptoms
 •  Treatment
 •  Caring for the Sick 

Other Links:
 •  CDC Flu Resources
 •  Project L.O.V.E.
 •  Adult Immunization
    Coalition of Central 

 •  Franklin County
    Board of Health
 •  Flu Reports 

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