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Guadalupe A. Velasquez

Guadalupe A. Velasquez  
Guadalupe A. Velasquez

New American Initiative Coordinator

Guadalupe A. Velasquez is a local advocate, volunteer and community leader for the Hispanic/Latino and Immigrant communities in Columbus. Currently serving as the Director of Programming and Education for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Columbus and lead advocate for the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, Guadalupe Velasquez is building a legacy of change and action for local organizations.

Among her many community posts and affiliations includes her service as member of the Huntington Community Advisory Council, the West Side Community Task Force, and the Grass Roots Leadership Development Planning Committee. Velasquez also serves as the Marketing Consultant for La VERDAD Hispanic Marketing Solutions and board member and legal committee co-chair of the Latino Empowerment Outreach Network (LEON). Near and dear to her heart is the time she spends tutoring for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio Norton Middle program.

In 2005, Guadalupe Velasquez received the Advocacy Award from the Latino Empowerment Outreach Network for her outstanding leadership in the community.

Recently, joining the ranks of over 31,000 Central/ Southern Ohio Girl Scouts, Guadalupe was appointed to the position of Field Executive for Girl Scouts- Seal of Ohio Council, Inc., representing one of the largest volunteer ran organizations in the world. As Field Executive, Velasquez’s primary responsible is the recruitment and retention of girl/ adult membership and volunteers within the Greater Columbus market segment. Her duties include the establishment and maturation of community partners for outreach programming and serving as the preeminent voice for girl affairs.

 Prior to joining the Girl Scouts-Seal of Ohio Council, Inc., Velasquez co-founded and served as president for Creative Marketing Division, Alianza Media, while working as the Community Outreach Liaison for the Columbus Metropolitan Area Community Action Organization and Special Events Coordinator of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition.

Guadalupe Velasquez, Lorain, Ohio native currently resides in Grandview, Ohio.