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Zoning is the division of land into districts based on current or intended use. These districts have uniform zoning regulations including land use, height of structures. building setbacks, lot sizes, density, lot coverage, parking and other specific zoning code requirements.

Zoning regulations help ensure that the city will grow and change in a managed, predictable way while safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of the general public.

The purpose of Zoning is to:

  • Protect the public's health, safety and welfare
  • Separate conflicting land users
  • Tool to implement community planning goals
  • Make land use patterns predictable
  • Regulate users to achieve public benefits and maximize property values.

Zoning Section works closely with the public to develop and secure environmental quality. The Zoning Section is made up of two areas:

Zoning Clearance: Responsible for ensuring that all proposed development and redevelopment adheres to the requirements of the City of Columbus Zoning Code (Title 33 of the City Codes).

Public Hearings:  Responsible for the public processes established by the Zoning Code which enable property owners and developers to modify the way the Zoning code regulates development or to change the zoning of a tract of land.


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  • Finding application forms for any zoning purpose