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Battelle Riverfront Park

Battelle Riverfront Park Image

25 Marconi Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215
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The Battelle Riverfront Park is part of the massive "Scioto Greenways Construction Project." This park will be undergoing major renovations until 2015. Please plan trips to this area accordingly. For additional information about this project, and how it will affect the Battelle Riverfront Park, visit .  

Battelle Riverfront is the location of the James Barney Children's Fountain that tells the fable of Pickaweekee, an Indian child. The sculpture garden includes figures of a lion, a dog, an owl, a unicorn, and an eagle that are a part of the story conveyed on the park's plaque. It also lists the children's names that helped fund the foundation.

Another popular part of Batelle Park is the memorial grove which is an honorable and appropriate recognition of the city's heroes and role models. The park also features a replica of the Santa Maria Ship sailed by Christopher Columbus in 1492.  

This peaceful park has been utilized by walkers, photographers, and families and is located between North Bank Park and Bicentennial Park which is connecting the Scioto Trail and Scioto Mile Promenade on the east bank of the river.

  • 4.10  Acres
  • Amphitheater
  • Greenway Trail Access