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Neighborhood Pride

Neighborhood PrideNeighborhood Pride is at the heart of Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s vision to make Columbus “the best city in the nation in which to live, work and raise a family.” 

Neighborhood Pride is a team effort by City departments, neighborhood groups and individual citizens, businesses and other partners to make our neighborhoods safer and cleaner, keys to a more vibrant and exciting future for Columbus. For one week, an intense delivery of City services, including the cleaning of alleys, mowing high grass in the public right-of-way and neighborhood recreational areas, replacing burned out street light bulbs, offering block watch and fire prevention outreach and evaluating exterior housing for code compliance.

Prior to each “Neighborhood Pride Week,” City employees reach out to neighborhood groups in the Neighborhood Pride Area to help craft the specifics of each Neighborhood Pride effort. City staff members make presentations to area commissions, civic associations, business associations and other groups to introduce Pride to the neighborhood. More importantly, City outreach staff field residents’ questions and ask citizens to identify their concerns in the area so Neighborhood Pride can efficiently and effectively address those priorities. Before each Neighborhood Pride Week, neighborhood leaders and key City staff board a City vehicle and drive every street and alley of a Neighborhood Pride Area. During this “Neighborhood Pride Tour,” neighborhood leaders are asked to point out specific concerns that will be addressed during Neighborhood Pride Week. This is a key to Neighborhood Pride’s success. Each neighborhood is unique and has vital attributes to contribute toward making Columbus a great city. Residents’ active participation in this process—and other aspects of Neighborhood Pride—is essential for Neighborhood Pride to be a success.

Citizen participation in Neighborhood Pride is necessary before, during and after Neighborhood Pride Week. Neighborhood Pride is the beginning of a long-term process for changing the way the City does business with its customers to the benefit of residents. Citizens’ concerns change with time, as neighborhoods are living, evolving communities. A strong, ongoing partnership between a neighborhood and the City enhances the effort to deliver services in a more timely, efficient and responsive manner to a neighborhood.

A changing city demands flexibility from Neighborhood Pride. Accordingly, Neighborhood Pride is designed to be an ever-evolving program to meet the changing needs of citizens and the times. Lessons learned during each Neighborhood Pride effort have spawned a more efficient and stronger version of Neighborhood Pride since its inception in the spring of 2000. This change for the better, coupled with department reorganizations through the City’s Operations Review effort, has realigned City government to become more friendly and accountable to the foundation of City government: its citizens.