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Walking Maps Logo The mission of the Healthy Places program is to enhance healthy and active living. We do this through the policies and practices that impact how we build the places we live, work and play. These "Healthy Places" make it easier to be more active as part of everyday life. 

The Healthy Places program works to create a built environment  that encourages walkability, bikeability and physical activity through community design processes such as land use and transportation planning.

The built environment includes the physical elements added to the natural environment to create our community, like our buildings, road systems, parks, neighborhoods, civic buildings, and schools.

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The Healthy Places Coordinator is available to speak to development professionals (architects, developers, engineers, planners, etc), health professionals, and community groups (area commissions, civic associations, faith-based institutions, etc.). His contact information is listed to on this page to the right.




Creating Healthier, Safer Neighborhoods

Learn how health matters to your neighborhood, create a walking map and review development proposals.
Healthy Places Healthier, Safer Neighborhoods

Creating Safe Routes to School

Keep your child safe when walking or biking to school.
Healthy Places Mapping Safe Routes to School

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