Creating Healthy Communities

Program Information

Hilliard Kids Walk to schoolThis program aims to create healthy communities by reducing the rates of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lower respiratory disease among Columbus residents. 

The program works with communities, schools, worksites, and healthcare professionals to reduce risk factors for chronic disease areas with projects focused on nutrition, physical activity and tobacco use. 

Examples of our work:

  • Helping communities create a plan to reduce chronic disease in their neighborhoods.
  • Helping to make policies and other changes that support healthy food and vending choices, smoke-free spaces, and being more physically active.
  • Training educators to provide programs in their own schools and communities.
  • Providing a web-based newsletter for educators on health and nutrition topics.
  • Providing public information and educational materials on chronic disease.
  • Providing information on local quit smoking programs, weight management programs, and physical activity resources.

Key Projects

  • Franklin County Physical Activity Plan 
    Plan aims to make it easier for Franklin County residents to be active as party of their daily activities.
  • Franklin County Tobacco-Free Collaborative 
    A network of organizations, businesses and individuals who have teamed up to build support for tobacco prevention and control in Franklin County.
  • Safe Routes to School 
    Project works to make walking and biking to school a safer, easier and more fun option for Columbus elementary and middle school students.
  • Smoke Free Housing Program 
    Columbus Public Health offers resources to public and private property managers for smoke free housing.
  • Columbus Public Health Farmers Market
    Annual market at Columbus Public Health held in late July - early August, accepting Food Stamps and WIC vouchers.
  • 30 Minutes for the Soul Campaign- find under Forms and Publications
  • Health and Nutrition Flash e-Newsletter - find under Forms and Publications